Barnet no longer have to make up 60 staff members redundant due to coronavirus outbreak


Barnet are no longer fearful of losing up to 60 staff members due to the government support scheme for those whose work is affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week the club placed their first-team coaching and backroom staff, staff at the academy and those on the operational side of the club on notice of redundancy to ensure that the club could remain sustainable throughout the current period where there will be no matchday income, with the Covid-19 outbreak suspending the National League.

However, due to the government agreeing to pay 80% of wages of those placed on unpaid leave, the club will now be able to retain those members of staff they previously feared losing.

In a statement on the club website, Chairman, Tony Kleanthous praised his team for the way they have handled the situation and that the club would now be losing significantly fewer people than it had previously anticipated.

“It makes me very proud to have such a solid and reliable team here,” he said.

“They have all been absolutely fantastic throughout and I have spent the best part of the last week or so meeting with them either individually or in small collective groups. I have to say that the they have responded amazingly given the circumstances.

“We originally thought that we would be losing up to 60 staff across the group but with the Government support measures in place, the number of people affected, excluding the academy, is now less than half a dozen, who for various reasons e.g. end of contract, returned overseas etc. would have departed anyway.”

Kleanthous also provided an update on the first team, whose training has been cancelled as government isolation measures are increased.

“The team were due to come in for training this week,” he said.

“But this was cancelled in line with Government guidelines. Darren and Junior are keeping on top of the situation to ensure that our players continue their fitness regimes at home to keep them ticking…

Source : times

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