Peter Beadle wants Barnet to show hunger


New Barnet head coach Peter Beadle has said he wants his side to replicate their success from last season that saw them pushing for promotion back into the football league.

In an interview for the club website, Beadle said he wanted to see his players performing with the same levels of hunger that saw them challenge for passage into League Two and is already impressed with what he has seen on the training ground.

“I’d like to think they have come back hungrier to do well again next year,” he said. “We know the team were 11th when we finished the game but with the Points Per Game we moved up into the play-offs which was great. The boys have experienced that now and we’ve spoken about it already, we’re all hungry to match the same again for next season. Hopefully, they’ll come back hungrier than ever, maybe even more so than last year.

“They’ve come back in good shape, most importantly their attitude has been spot on so that’s been good. They have had their weight and body fats done, as well as all the testing done.

“They have had their first couple of days back on the grass and other than a few being a bit stiff and tight this morning, they have all been back out there this morning. They have all got through it really well.”

Beadle hopes to entertain with his side next season and said his overall aim is that the Barnet team make their fans proud.

“It’s been amazing, the response I have had so far from both Barnet fans and fans from around the country as well has been great,” he said. “As I said before, my teams have always been entertaining, I’d just love for the whole community to get behind our team.

“Hopefully we can put a team out there to make them all proud. At the end of the day, they want entertainment, they want to see good football, lots of goalmouth action and most importantly lots of three points for us.”

Beadle finished by providing an update on two players missing from…

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