Goldberg discusses SummerSlam preparation at 54 years old: 75% of me is better than 99% of the morons on Earth


Bill Goldberg will return to action on Saturday night when he faces WWE champion Bobby Lashley in one of SummerSlam’s featured matches. Goldberg’s involvement in the match was met with some pushback from fans who feel the 54-year-old legend’s days as a part-time wrestler should come to an end.

Ask Goldberg, however, and he’ll tell you a different story, one where he’s ready to continue on until the business no longer wants him and the fans no longer react when he steps through the curtain. For now, Goldberg says it’s worth it even as his body struggles in new and different ways.

“I’m sitting here on the massage table getting cranked as we speak,” Goldberg told CBS Sports. “The older you get, the harder it is to maintain, the harder it is to add weight, the harder it is to be able to push through your injuries. But there’s a big picture here and it’s a small price to pay. Mentally, as long as I can still be Goldberg, which I always will be, and physically, as long as I can show glimpses of myself, I think it’s a worthy endeavor.

“I’m a glutton for punishment and let’s just say that I feel pain every day, what’s a little bit more? I wouldn’t change anything in my life other than maybe I wouldn’t have punched a limousine window, nor would I have headbutted a door at 51 years old and knocked myself out on the way to the ring, but hey, we all have things we’d like to change. I’m in a pretty good place. Show me another 53-year-old that can do this at my level and I’ll shake their hand.”

Even as he brags about his ability to still perform and drive through the pains of a process that were once easy for him as a powerhouse who took over the wrestling world with his lengthy undefeated streak in WCW, Goldberg admits that his time as a competitor — even part-time — is drawing to a close.

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