Matt Riddle talks record-breaking SummerSlam, the evolution of RK-Bro and his journey from UFC to WWE


Matt Riddle’s journey to WWE superstar has always felt improbable, transitioning from an ugly end to his UFC career after multiple failed drug tests for marijuana to a breakout run as an independent wrestler and finally to WWE. That journey hit another milestone at SummerSlam with Riddle winning the Raw tag team championship alongside his RK-Bro partner, Randy Orton.

The championship is Riddle’s second on the WWE main roster, following a run as United States champion that ended at WrestleMania. The fact that his latest victory came at the most successful SummerSlam in history — an event that set revenue, viewership and attendance records — was all the sweeter.

Despite Riddle’s earlier title run, teaming with Orton is what has helped Riddle break through to a new level of stardom, serving as someone whose storylines can anchor a major part of WWE programming.

“I’m feeling pretty good, you know,” Riddle told CBS Sports. “I’m feeling even better that it happened at SummerSlam in front of 51,000 people, breaking records on merch and everything else. Not only did I become a Raw tag team champion, but I did it with my best bro, my best bud, my stallion compadre, Randy Orton. For me, it’s been a marvelous, amazing ride. SummerSlam, with all the people and the merch and seeing RK-Bro shirts everywhere. It was insane, bro. It was awesome. It was sick. It was cool.”

Riddle and Orton follow in a long tradition of “odd couple” tag teams in WWE, pairings with two very different personalities who somehow make for a perfect team. Riddle’s relentless optimism pairs with Orton’s rough edges and aggression in ways that call back to classic tag teams like The Rock and Mankind.

The idea for the team stemmed from an off-handed joke from Riddle that blossomed when both men were free of any other storyline obligations.

“A couple of weeks before WrestleMania, I made a joke and said, ‘How awesome would it…

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