Emma Raducanu: How many languages can the US Open champion speak?


Emma Raducanu recently made history after winning the US Open (Picture: John G. Mabanglo / EPA)

Emma Raducanu made history as she won the US Open on September 11, 2021, at just 18 years old.

The tennis champion is now the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam and the first British woman to win a major tournament since Virginia Wade 44 years ago.

And Good Morning Britain presenter Adil Ray recently leapt to Emma’s defence after her background became the topic of a heated debate.

So, where is the tennis tournament-winning teen from and what languages can she speak?

How many languages can Emma Raducanu speak?

Emma Raducanu speaks two languages; English and Mandarin.

She recently thanked fans in fluent Mandarin after winning the US Open, saying: ‘Hi everyone, I wanna say thank you guys and I hope you could enjoy my tennis.

‘I’m thrilled to win. Love you all, see you.’

While the tennis star is not confirmed to speak any other languages, she does have a mixed background.

What is US Open champion Emma Raducanu’s heritage and where was she born?

Emma Raducanu was born in Canada, but moved to the UK when she was just two years old. She has a Romanian father and a Chinese mother.

She is from Bromley, in south-east London and represented Britain in the US Open.

The tennis champion speaks two languages (Picture: Al Bello via Getty)

Adil Ray spoke out about people debating her ability to play for the nation. He tweeted: ‘Get in. Emma Raducanu the immigrant from a Romanian, Chinese, Canadian family grand slams the haters. This is the Britain we love.’

Later, he added: ‘I love…

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