Fame game could be the toughest of all for Emma Raducanu after US Open win


Emma Raducanu celebrates with her US Open title (Getty)

Emma Raducanu has been on the morning breakfast shows in the United States, glowing brightly in front of a worldwide audience that is hanging on her every word and now wants to know what she thinks about every subject from global warming to boys.

She has now arrived at the junction at which her choices off court are as important as those she makes on it.

At 18, no one is perfect and nobody must expect Emma to be.

As she signs lucrative deals with a multitude of companies there are bound to be moments when some clever dick on Twitter or in the media decides she has transgressed.

There will be an employee of some company in a faraway place that does not get paid enough money or has been exploited or knows someone who has been, and somehow this will be down to Emma, who should be cancelled in a world of virtue signalling and keyboard warriors. You think I’m over-egging the pudding? This is where sensible people like all of us come in, where we understand the world is complicated and nuanced and never black and white.

As we look ahead in this brilliant young woman’s career we hope Emma and her family and friends make a smooth transition to a life of attention in the limelight.

Emma Raducanu didn't drop a set on her way to winning the US Open

Emma Raducanu didn’t drop a set on her way to winning the US Open (EPA)

Fame draws people like moths to a flame and many of these are often left damaged. The difference with Emma is she has earned our attention and respect, but she will need strength to make all the adjustments demanded of her.

You may think there is a negativity to what I’m saying here but that is not the case.

The team she has assembled around her is solid and the professional decisions around sponsorship, appearances, playing schedule and accountancy have now become vital to get right.

It looks to me like Emma will pass all these tests with flying colours but if she ever scowls at the camera or loses her temper or, heaven forbid, actually loses a…

Source : metro

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