Oklahoma’s all-time comeback to Alabama’s stunning loss


Jimbo Fisher told us this day was coming, and we laughed.

We laughed because the idea that Texas A&M, fresh off back-to-back losses, would somehow end Alabama’s 100-game winning streak against unranked opponents seemed ludicrous. We laughed because Nick Saban had never lost to a former assistant, a perfect 24-0. We laughed because Saban himself laughed, suggesting Fisher’s prediction of an eventual win over Saban must have been in reference to golf.

Saban’s probably not looking forward to his next round of 18 with Fisher now.

Week 6 gave us Oklahoma’s remarkable comeback against Texas, Iowa’s defense punishing Penn State’s overwhelmed backup quarterback, Michigan and Notre Dame surviving on late field goals and a showdown between the two worst teams in the country, and yet none of it could have prepared us for what happened in College Station.

Saturday was nuts — like, literally.

It was just a week ago, after all, that Alabama appeared unbeatable. The Tide dominated Ole Miss, Saban dumped popcorn on yet another former assistant, and the path to a college football championship appeared to converge in the SEC title game, with Alabama and Georgia clearly the dominant forces.

And now, we’re living in a world where Jim Harbaugh is undefeated, Florida State has a winning streak and UMass has won a game more recently than Nick Saban. What a time to be alive.

There is a theory that the world is made up of infinite universes, where every possible reality is manifest in its own alternate timeline. Saturday’s college football action would certainly offer some credence to that hypothesis.

Texas A&M, Michigan, Iowa, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Wake Forest all trailed in the fourth quarter Saturday. All of them won.

At the Red River Showdown, we came oh-so-close to being able to make another round of “Texas is back!” jokes, before a fox ran across the field, the…

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