After uncharacteristic rash of turnovers, Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes says he has to ‘reevaluate what I’m doing’


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes took responsibility for what’s ailing the 2-3 Kansas City Chiefs, saying after their 38-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills that his turnovers are to blame.

“It starts with me,” Mahomes said of the Chiefs’ turnover woes, after throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble against the Bills. “It’s something I’ve not usually done in my career, but I have to reevaluate where I’m at, what decisions I’m making.

“I’ve been a crazier player as far as scrambling and making throws. But in my career I’ve never been someone who throws a lot of interceptions. I have to look at it now, reevaluate what I’m doing, and I have to cut it out.”

Mahomes has committed six turnovers in his past three games, including five interceptions. He has six interceptions this season, putting him on pace for 20. His career high is 12, in 2018.

Mahomes has 16 touchdown passes but he has just 2.67 touchdowns for each interception. The lowest percentage of his career is 4.17 in 2018, when he threw 50 touchdown passes to go along with his 12 interceptions.

Source : espn

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