Astros vs. White Sox – Live Game – October 10, 2021


4th Jiménez reached on infield single to third, Abreu scored, Grandal to second. 6 9 4th Grandal grounded into fielder’s choice to first, Robert scored on error, Abreu to second, Abreu safe at third on throwing error by first baseman Gurriel. 6 8 4th Abreu singled to shallow center, Anderson scored, Robert to third. 6 7 4th Bregman singled to center, Altuve scored, Brantley to second. 6 6 3rd García homered to center (436 feet), Moncada scored and Sheets scored. 5 6 3rd Grandal homered to left (359 feet), Robert scored. 5 3 3rd Tucker homered to left (363 feet), Correa scored. 5 1 2nd Meyers singled to left, Tucker scored. 3 1 2nd Tucker doubled to deep right center, Correa scored and Alvarez scored. 2 1 1st Jiménez singled to center, Anderson scored, Grandal to second. 0 1

Source : espn

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