Man Utd legend’s dementia fears after revealing scary suffering over his career


Gary Pallister won four Premier League titles with Manchester United (Picture: Getty Images)

Manchester United hero Gary Pallister has recalled the worrying things he suffered during his playing career and now believes that he is a ‘prime candidate for dementia’ as a result.

The 56-year-old played for the Red Devils from 1989-98, winning four Premier League titles and three FA Cups, becoming a key figure in the side which began to dominate English football.

A commanding centre-back, Pallister put his head on a huge number of footballs over a professional career which began and ended at Middlesbrough and ran from 1984-2001.

He believes this is what caused him to suffer some concerning health problems during his career and has left him fearing for his mental capabilities as he gets older.

‘I suffered awful migraines,’ Pallister told The Telegraph. ‘I’ve been knocked clean out. I’ve been on the pitch, woken up, and not known where I am.

‘You put it all together and you start thinking: “Crikey, I’m a prime candidate for dementia”. It’s not a 100 per cent thing, I’m guessing, but you are thinking, “If you are a betting man, the odds are that you are probably at some time in your life going to get it”.

‘I look back and think, “My own experience tells me that heading had an effect”. I suffered a lot with migraines when I started playing as a 16-year-old twice a weekend.

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Pallister won nine caps for England from 1989-92 (Picture: Getty Images)

‘I used to think, “Is it because I am playing more football, heading more footballs?” The migraines continued all through my career. It’s black and white for me now that football was one of the main reasons I was probably getting them.

‘I had to go into a darkened room. I started throwing up. I would lose my speech. Get tingling on my arms. Lose my vision. Get blurred vision. It felt like I had a head full of seashells. Any movement caused…

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