*Spoiler* Becky Lynch wanted to come back as a face but…


Becky Lynch returned to Summerslam 2021 after a hiatus of a year and a half, in fact the last time we saw her in WWE, before her provisional retirement, was in May 2020, when she announced to the world that she was pregnant.

Until that moment she was definitely a top face in the company of McMahons, with the character of her that she was able to make herself loved and appreciated by the WWE Universe, managing to remain Raw champion for more than 365 days.

But when she made her return to beat Bianca Belair in the ring of the h*ttest event of the summer in 26 seconds, replacing Sasha Banks who didn’t show up for mysterious reasons, it became clear to everyone that the Becky face version had disappeared.

to welcome the heel version. We were told by Dave Meltzer, who takes one out of a thousand, that the idea of this turn had been the Irishman, who would even be inspired by the path taken by Roman Reigns.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

A guest on journalist Ryan Satin’s podcast Out of Character, Becky Lynch explained what her thoughts were about returning to WWE: “You always think, ‘What would be cool, what would be interesting, what could irritate people?’ it would be, what my return would be like, what I would do when I returned.

Vince will never want me as a heel, so what does this new baby face look like? Then they told me I’d become a heel.” So she still wanted Becky to renew herself as a face, so as not to bore the public and the people she has always loved and supported, like when she made the transition from Lass Kicker to The Man, but she still wanted to remain face.

What is certain is that this turn heel is not liked by many, even if the redhead is working hard in every way to be able to do a great job and still guarantee everyone a show that they cannot forget. Becky Lynch was the latest guest on Out Of Character with Ryan Satin.

The Man revealed that she spoke with WWE legend The Rock before her big return at SummerSlam 2021. Here’s what Lynch said: “So…

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