Details on Jon Gruden’s resignation plus NFL Week 6 picks, Prisco’s Power Rankings and wild ‘MNF’ game recap


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If you know anyone who would make a good NFL head coach, you might want to give them the Raiders’ phone number, because they’re now hiring after the stunning departure of Jon Gruden on Monday night. The Raiders coach basically had no choice but to resign after several emails leaked where Gruden used both misogynistic and homophobic language, and this was after an email leak last week where he used racist language. 

Gruden’s departure overshadowed what was easily the most entertaining Monday night game of the year: The Ravens came back from a 22-3 deficit to beat the Colts 31-25 in overtime. We’ll be talking about both of those things today plus we’ve got some Week 6 NFL picks for you and Prisco’s Power Rankings, so let’s stop wasting time and get to the rundown.   

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1. Today’s show: Recapping the Ravens’ wild win over the Colts

If you decided to go to bed during the third quarter of this game because the Colts were up 22-3, I have some bad news for you: You missed one of the wildest Monday night comebacks ever. 

The only thing more exciting than Monday’s game was the podcast we recorded afterwards. Here are three key things from the game that we touched on: 

  • Lamar Jackson can actually throw the ball. After a rough first half the saw the Ravens only score three points — the fewest ever in a first half with Jackson — the electrifying quarterback rebounded with a second half that might go down as one of the best by any QB in NFL history. After halftime, Jackson completed 29 of 32 passes for 355 yards and four touchdowns. One TD pass came with 39 seconds left to play and another came on the game-winner in…

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