Four NFL predictions that were big whiffs: Admitting mistakes about Cowboys, Patriots and more


Mistakes have been made. I am not afraid to admit it.

We have reached the point in the season where organizations are beginning to separate from the pack, and sample size allows for more sweeping analysis to be made. And I can already tell, in several instances, where I whiffed on my appraisal of certain teams from this summer. As I sized up potential playoff teams and broke down divisions, in an attempt to get a bead on what this 2021 NFL season might have in store, I definitely whiffed on a few clubs. For better, or for worse.

I underestimated the Cowboys and Packers. In the case of Dallas, pretty badly. I fell for the okey doke with New England and fancied them a real wild card threat despite the AFC being so loaded. And, with a major mitigating circumstance here, it was folly for me to think that Seattle would be able to compete with the best of the NFC, and that Russell Wilson could be a one-man army again, as, alas, now Wilson won’t be in that huddle again until the meaningful part of the Seahawks’ season is effectively over. And, shame on me, it’s the Cardinals, not the Seahawks, who are flashing as a potential playoff force out of the NFC West.

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No time for any victory laps here (but the Chargers possibly overtaking the Chiefs, the Dolphins being awful, the Steelers falling from grace, the Rams as top Super Bowl contenders and the Browns being for real all look like sold calls thus far). This is about facing the music and owning up to what I botched. Which I will own, digitally, starting now.

Dallas Cowboys

After becoming conditioned to avoid the annual Cowboys hype train, and coming out looker smart for it year after year, it seemed almost rote for me to fade them again in 2021. Dak Prescott hurt again in camp. Aging…

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