Lamar Jackson has more total yards than 18 NFL teams, including the NFC North-leading Packers


What Lamar Jackson has been able to accomplish through five games of the 2021 season is unmatched in NFL history. Jackson is the first player to ever throw for 1,500 yards and run for 300 yards in the first five games, and the only player in NFL history to throw for 1,500 yards and rush for 300 yards in a five-game span.

Jackson has 1,860 combined passing and rushing yards this season, which makes his start even more incredible. His 1,860 yards are more than 18 NFL teams, including the NFC North leading Green Bay Packers — who have 1,738 total yards on the season (22nd in the NFL). 

Jackson would rank 15th in the NFL in team total yards, with the Philadelphia Eagles slightly ahead of him with 1,863. Here are the 18 teams that currently trail Jackson in total yards:

  • San Francisco 49ers — 1,841
  • Indianapolis Colts — 1,817
  • Carolina Panthers — 1,817
  • Denver Broncos — 1,789
  • Seattle Seahawks — 1,755
  • Washington Football Team — 1,741
  • Jacksonville Jaguars — 1,740
  • Green Bay Packers — 1,738
  • Atlanta Falcons — 1,728
  • Detroit Lions — 1,695
  • Cincinnati Bengals — 1,669
  • New England Patriots — 1,599
  • Pittsburgh Steelers — 1,598
  • New Orleans Saints — 1,476
  • Houston Texans — 1,413
  • New York Jets — 1,335
  • Miami Dolphins — 1,309
  • Chicago Bears — 1,200

Jackson has been a one-man terror for opposing defenses, being largely responsible for the Ravens’ 4-1 start. 

“He’s always growing. He’s always getting better. A game like this, he’s just so efficient,” Ravens tight end Mark Andrews said after Monday’s win. “He just sees the game so well. He leads guys and puts them in the right spot [and] puts the ball in the right spot. Some of the throws he’s able to make today, it’s just like, he makes our job easy.” 

Jackson is on pace to throw for 5,164 yards and rush for 1,159 yards, numbers that would be unprecedented for a quarterback in league history. The debate on whether Jackson can throw the ball appears to be…

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