New background on the 2021 WWE Draft revealed


The 2021 WWE Draft has now become a memory, with the movement of the WWE Superstars, from one roster to another, which will only become reality from next October 22, or from the day after Crown Jewel, the next ppv of the McMahon company that will be aired from Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, like every year.

Among the many athletes who have passed from Monday Night Raw to Friday Night Smackdown and vice versa and among the many who have instead passed from NXT to the main orster rings, there have also appeared many young people that the general public of the WWE Universe does not yet know, such as for example the Hit Row, which landed in full at Smackdown or Gable Steveson, an Olympic athlete who won a gold medal in the discipline of wrestling, just this year in Tokyo 2021.

Many, among fans and insiders, have wondered since when these NXT wrestlers knew they would land on the main roster and in the last few hours new rumors would emerge regarding these choices, with the management of the WWE that it would leave everyone in limbo whether or not to know what would happen to their future.

The 2021 WWE Draft has now become a memory

According to what was reported by the well-known site Fightful, which staged its podcast, the Fightful Select, several NXT athletes did not know what they should do in the week of the 2021 WWE Draft, a sign that the management of the Stamford company has kept everything a bit secret.

until the end. In fact, in the latest podcast update it was reported that: “There were numerous people who remained in limbo between NXT and WWE who knew a lot. Some were not told anything until the Draft started and only after they told them that they would not be drafted, some instead learned of their move only after being called live, still others were prepared to go on TV.”

As we have seen with Gable Steveson’s h*t reaction, from his home with his parents, some of the WWE Superstars had been warned that they would be moved to the main roster, others instead…

Source : wrestling-world

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