*Spoiler* Roman Reigns gives the Usos an important mission


BIG E and DREW MCINTYRE VS THE USOS Big E and Jimmy start well, quick tags with Usos taking advantage over McIntyre, tag between brothers and several punches and Cobra Twist on the British. Tag for Big E that starts great, but Usos once again claim superiority, Ode to Rikishi by Jey Uso but Big E reacts, tag to Drew McIntyre who is in a fury and hits the two brothers.

Before their conversation could take a heated turn, The Usos made a surprise appearance and challenged them for a tag team match. They said that Roman Reigns had sent them on a mission to cause more conflict between Big E and Drew McIntyre.

Moreover, Big E will likely be Roman Reigns’ opponent at Survivor Series. It wasn’t the best idea on the show tonight, but its execution was beyond perfect on WWE RAW. All four superstars delivered a brilliant match that allowed each of them to play to their respective strengths.

Roman Reigns gives the Usos an important mission

Big E wanted to lead the way as he is familiar with The Usos. Jey and Jimmy Uso used it to their advantage and kept him isolated for a long time during the match. McIntyre was desperate to get inside the ring while Big E took all the punishment on WWE RAW.

Drew McIntyre tries to count Jimmy but Jey intervenes, match in balance with Drew hitting both brothers, Big E takes the Tag alone but suffers the return of Jey. Big E reacts but hits with the Big Ending Drew McIntyre, by mistake.

The two faces fight each other outside the ring and lose on Count Out! The Usos hit them at the end of the match but in the end, the Faces prevail and the episode ends with a Claymore by Drew McIntyre on Big E, Raw ends like this!

Jimmy returned to WWE after almost a year of absence last month on SmackDown. However, he was not happy with the way Roman was treating his twin brother. After a few weeks of tension, Jimmy Uso finally acknowledged Roman Reigns as The Head of the Table.

On the July 9 edition of SmackDown, Jey returned to SmackDown after three weeks…

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