*Spoiler* Shocking loss for Jeff Hardy


JEFF HARDY VS AUSTIN THEORY: It’s a good start for Jeff who punches and kicks his opponent into the corner, tries the Twist of Fate to no avail as we see the 24/7 champion and all his opponents arrive and interfere with Reggie running away from Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa.

R-Truth ends up in the ring with Austin who sends him away, meanwhile Jeff Hardy’s Twist of Fate who, however, stops at the most beautiful and suffers the Swanton Bomb, decisive pin and victory for Austin Theory. While Bianca does a promo to remind everyone that she is the best Jinder Mahal is about to go to the ring.

Jeff Hardy was defeated on Raw

Was it the right decision to have Austin Theory defeat Jeff Hardy on WWE RAW this week? The answer is yes. But at the same time, Jeff Hardy may soon slip into the Goldberg category where he loses so very often that his value gets diminished to the point where he has no real value anymore.

JINDER MAHAL VS KOFI KINGSTON Side grip of Jinder hitting the opponent with his shoulders, Kofi reacts with a Dropkick, the match goes into balance but upon returning from the commercial we see Jinder hitting the opponent and blocking him in a Cobra Twist, while outside Xavier Woods collides against Veer and Shanky, but suffering from numerical inferiority, Kofi tries to defend him but is hit by Mahal who closes with a Khallas.

PWInsider has answered a fan’s question about Hardy’s current wrestling company. They said, “Since the usage of Jeff Hardy the last few weeks (appearing on WWE Main Event) followed by his loss tonight on Raw seems to have sparked questions about whether his WWE contract is coming to an end, we are told by a WWE source that Hardy still has “A good chunk of time left on his deal” as he acknowledged last year that he had signed a new deal.

At the time, PWInsider.com was told that the new deal was in the 2-3 year range.” The one thing that WWE fans never stop doing is voicing their opinions. Whether it be in the arena or on social…

Source : wrestling-world

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