Alberto Del Rio announces his WWE return but…


In the world of wrestling, it has been a particular year, in some respects pleasant, full of great returns but also of some goodbyes, this is especially the case of the WWE. In the world of show business, it is said that anything can happen: from the return of an athlete after so many years to the unexpected farewell of the Superstar on the federation’s cover.

And in recent years in WWE, these phenomena are happening much more often. While there are multiple contenders for the greatest WWE Money in the Bank cash-in, Alberto Del Rio believes that Dolph Ziggler cashing in on him was the best of all.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Mexican-born wrestler Alberto Del Rio would announce his return to WWE once the legal issues surrounding his alleged assault on his ex-girlfriend are cleared up. Problems born in 2020 when the Mexican was accused by ex-girlfriend Reyna of aggravated kidnapping.

Latest update on Alberto Del Rio

Subsequently, her other ex-girlfriend, Paige, also reacted to her accusations by stating that, during the relationship, Del Rio would have abused her too. Due to this affair, a possible return of the former WWE Superstar would not be well-liked by fans of the federation.

The well-known journalist, Dave Meltzer, who doesn’t seem to believe the Mexican athlete’s claim, said he would be shocked if Del Rio actually returned to WWE. For the now world-famous journalist, everything would be possible even if it would be a surprise, especially for his recent past.

He also noted, himself, that WWE could still get away with the criticism that would rain down on the federation if they were to bring him home. At the moment, however, it would make no sense for Stamford-based company to go in the direction of his return.

Just several months ago, former WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, allegedly said he hasn’t spoken to Vince McMahon for several years, but never say never. He who knows, despite everything, if some talks could really come between the two…

Source : wrestling-world

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