Dutch Mantell reveals that Vince McMahon hates the tag team division


Over the past decade, WWE has received a lot of criticism for the way the tag team division has been managed. There is a widespread perception that the top management of the Stamford-based company do not give due recognition to couple titles, often relegating matches to the bottom of the pay-per-view card.

There are two main pairs that are dominating right now. The Raw Tag Team Champions are Randy Orton and Matt Riddle, who have formed a strange partnership and managed to conquer the WWE Universe in a short time. Moving on to SmackDown instead, the Usos are making a big splash, being also members of the stable ‘The Bloodline’

The latter are likely to meet Street Profits at Crown Jewel, the event that will be staged in Saudi Arabia on 21 October. During the latest episode of ‘Smack Talk’ on Sportskeeda, pro-wrestling legend Dutch Mantell revealed that Vince McMahon was never a huge fan of the tag team division.

“In recent weeks, rumors of an imminent breakdown of the Street Profits have been circulating persistently. Do you know what such a move would mean? That WWE wants Angelo Dawkins dead. Montez Ford is enormously talented and we have seen that he can shine as a single wrestler as well, while there would be no more outlets for Dawkins.

If Montez were not there with him, Angelo would have already been banned from WWE for quite some time” – confided Dutch Mantell.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Vince McMahon

“Unfortunately, WWE has never been a federation capable of making tag teams shine.

Vince McMahon doesn’t like this division, you have to be very honest. He hasn’t the slightest idea how to value the boys who are part of it, it’s as if they were a burden for him” – Dutch Mantell added. The two-time Hall of Famer Booker T echoed him: “We all know that Montez Ford has great individual potential, but it wouldn’t be so easy to adapt to a new reality.

As I see it, the time has not yet come to divide them”. Speaking with Andrew Donnelly of Wrestle Buddy,…

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