Top-50 prospect Jett Howard commits to play for dad Juwan Howard with Michigan Wolverines


Jett Howard plans to play for his father, announcing Wednesday he is committing to Juwan Howard and the Michigan Wolverines.

While Michigan was always perceived as the favorite in Howard’s recruitment, the top-50 prospect also visited NC State, Tennessee and Georgetown.

“It was really hard. Harder than most people think,” Howard told ESPN. “I took visits and really liked the places and coaches. As of a few days ago, I was unsure. My mom and aunt played a big role as they came on the visits. They helped put things into perspective.”

Howard said his mother, Jenine, and aunt didn’t try to convince him to play at Michigan.

“Do what’s best for you,” he said of their advice. “They never leaned either way. They were so impressed by the other coaches and programs. I was, too.”

Juwan Howard wanted his son to go through the recruitment process like any other highly-rated prospect.

“My mom would tell me my dad told her the same things that he was telling me. He told me how much he believes in me as a player. That he will put me in the best position to succeed,” Jett Howard said. “What my dad said that really got my attention was, ‘We need you from day one. I know your game better than anyone else. If you were not my son, I would still recruit you.’ And, of course, I trusted him the most. He has developed me my whole life. Opportunities like this do not come around often.”

Howard finally made his college decision during a car ride with his mother recently.

“We had a lot of little conversations here and there. But we did not have family sit-downs. My mom was driving me to the airport, and I just came out and said, I am going to Michigan and I’m going to play…

Source : espn

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