Jerry Lawler Had A Contentious Relationship With Jim Carrey While Filming ‘Man On The Moon’


Not only did Carrey think Kaufman didn’t like Lawler, he thought the artist absolutely hated him because of their public, on-screen feud. Lawler explained to Austin that “the very first time I saw [Carrey], we’re walking on the set — I’m like a kid in a candy store, the kid from Memphis, I’m in Hollywood, on the set of Universal Studios. We’re walking along and I’m looking around, walking over to this trailer and all of sudden I see this –- BAM! This big glass bottle of orange juice or something flying through the air, almost hits me, splashes all over, there’s juice all over the place.”

The wrestler said he looked over to see Carrey dressed as Kaufman, yelling out to him, “I’ll get you, Lawler! I’ll get you, Lawler!”

“And then he runs inside the trailer,” Lawler remembered. “That was my first introduction to making a movie!”

Lawler has also told TMZ in the past that Carrey once spat in his face while channeling Kaufman, saying he believes Carrey “went a little overboard” with the Kaufman character. The two men apparently put the past behind them, however — on an episode of Lawler’s “Dinner With The King” podcast, the longtime wrestler said that Carrey later mailed him a letter and said it was “an honor and an odyssey” to work alongside him on the film.

Source : wrestlinginc

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