Kerry Morton On ‘Family Business,’ Storytelling Wrestling, Communication With WWE, Tyrus As Champion & More


How about AEW? What do you think of their product so far, and has Tony Khan connected with you, as well?

I absolutely love the idea of AEW. I love the concept of Tony Khan going out of his way to offer an alternative professional wrestling, and I think it’s beautiful. And, what he’s done with the company is tremendous, and I really, really love what they’re doing. And so, unfortunately, I haven’t really had a lot of communication with those guys here recently, although, I would never say never. Like I said, in this business is always up and down to change, and if they would like me to be a part of their product, then if that’s the opportunity comes, then I would love to. But, as of now, I really love AEW. I think it’s awesome. A lot of my friends wrestle there, and are on contract there, and I couldn’t be happier for them. So, I like that AEW, and, something with related to NWA, is they offer a little bit of everything. 

You have high flying, you have technical, you have ground and pound, you have big guys, you have heavyweights. In AEW, in All Elite Wrestling, you offer it all. And, I take pride in southern professional wrestling, old school mentality, similar to FTR. So, that’s something I really take pride in, and that’s something I hope they start the value more at AEW is old school mentality, storytelling wrestling. Because, I think that art is beautiful, and when it’s done correctly, it is so appealing to a national audience. So, hopefully, never say never. If the opportunity comes, as of right now, I’m not under contract anywhere, but who’s to say I’m not going to be? So, if something comes up, and they want a southern professional wrestler that loves this craft, and is willing to do a lot to excel in this business, then by all means.

You’ve mentioned previously in an interview you’d like to carve your own stone in the business. What kind of legacy aspects from your father, would you like to keep to continue on in your own persona and…

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