Roman Reigns Believes WWE Star Has ‘Unlocked A Different Door’


There is no denying the body of work Roman Reigns has put together in WWE, especially over the past two-plus years as the Head of the Table and current WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. Still, the leader of The Bloodline can’t always take care of business alone — a testament to just how impressive the faction has been. Recently, segments involving Reigns and his family have set the wrestling world ablaze, and the Tribal Chief points to one man who above all else has brought something entirely different to the table lately (via The Ringer).

“I mean, look at Sami. He unlocked a different door, which allows us to showcase different layers,” Reigns said. In recent weeks, the Honorary Uce has made quite a splash within the WWE Universe, as “We Want Sami” chants have filled arenas at times he’s been absent — not to mention Zayn’s coining of the word “Ucey.” All these little moments combined have added multiple layers to The Bloodline, even though it’s come at the expense of Jey Use more often than not. That said, Reigns understands that Zayn’s current persona is beneficial for all parties.

“He gives us something completely different to play off of,” he continued. “And vice versa, for Sami to be at the cool-kid table, in the cool clique. Being able to showcase that story, that’s what makes us next level. Who would’ve thought ‘Ucey’ would be a thing? But over 12 million people on social media made it a thing, and that’s the type of power we have.”

As Reigns and his family continue to make history, Zayn himself has been as instrumental as ever along the way.

Source : wrestlinginc

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